Innovation Institute

IKE Membership for Organisations

Whatever your size and sector, access to the latest knowledge and expertise in the areas of innovation strategy, performance excellence, continuous improvement, creativity, value creation, innovative culture, and entrepreneurship are essential if you were to stay ahead.

Becoming an IKE Subscribing Organisation offers you an effective channel to access a rich environment of information, resources, networks, events and contemporary practices. It also gives you preferential discounts on our products and services.

How to become a Subscribing Organisation or a Member of the Innovation Council?

As a first step, you will need to subscribe to our Innovation Charter, which focusses on four key areas: leadership, people, culture and resources. The Innovation Charter is a visible demonstration of your commitment to innovation.

Recognise employees who champion innovation

Assuring the capability and commitment of individual employees is essential. As a member organisations you can take advantage of the following certification and accreditation programmes to recognise and energise your employees engagement:

If you wish to become a subscribing organisation or join our Innovation Council, then please contact us.

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