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Employees’ productivity and their creative problem-solving ability relies on innovation training and development to achieve competitive advantage. However, assessing the effectiveness and impact of internal innovation training programmes is variable and subjective, and often lacks external recognition. This in turn, affects employees’ morale and performance, and consequently, hinders business growth.

Innovation is a professional discipline. Individuals’ skills and knowledge can be developed and recognised. As the professional body for innovators, the IKE Institute has developed the Innovation Skills and Competencies Framework™ with input and guidance from the Innovation Council and many organisations worldwide.

IKE Assured® is a process of accrediting innovation skills and competencies. It acts as a barometer for assessing the innovation culture readiness. It is used by organisations such as EDF Energy, Thales, MBDA Missile Systems, University of Plymouth, London Southbank University amongst others to demonstrate the value and relevance of the innovation skills and competency development within their learning and training programmes.

IKE Assured® can be used as a key differentiator to attract and retain employees. It also signals to employees and stakeholders the organisation’s focus on developing a culture of innovation.

IKE Assured® focuses on how the development of innovation skills and competencies are being undertaken and their impact on the organisation. IKE Assured evaluates innovation training and development programmes using the IKE Assured Framework criteria that identifies where and how innovation skills and practices are being developed.

The IKE Assured Accreditation Framework was published in 2013 in the prestigious Science in Parliament Journal. Click here to read the article.


IKE Assured® is suitable for any public or private sector organisation wishing to demonstrate that their educational, training and professional development programmes that foster creative thinking and develop innovation skills and competencies that supports the creation of an innovation culture.

Examples of programmes include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Graduate and apprenticeship development programmes 
  • Specific Innovation Programmes
  • Collection of innovation training and learning activities


IKE Assured® helps your organisation to develop:

  • Innovation skills in people
  • Better creative problem-solving skills
  • Innovation talent
  • Flexible and innovative culture
  • A consistent innovation vocabulary
  • Accredited innovation programmes (including graduate development)
  • An improved employee engagement and retention status
  • A professional recognition and direct full membership entry grade (with post-nominals MIKE and FIKE).

Thus, ensuring an effective and sustainable innovation capability.

In addition, the IKE Institute’s Certified Innovation courses offer a rich source for professional development in the innovation discipline to equip individuals, practitioners and business leaders to pursue their initiatives and future innovation assessments with confidence.


The IKE Assured® accreditation process follows five steps: 

Step 1 – Explore and Inform

This step involves a half-day workshop, in which the Institute’s Advisors explain the overall process, run through the Self-Assessment Form and identify what will be expected during the Validation.

Step 2 – Self-Assessment 

The organisation completes and submits the IKE Assured® Self-Assessment form.

Step 3 – IKE Institute Validation Panel  

The IKE Validation Panel visits the organisation and hears presentations, views evidence and hears stakeholder evidence. The Panel includes sector representatives and Institute’s specialist Advisor’s.

Step 4 – Validation Panel Report

The Panel will assess your application and generates a Recommendation Report and an Action Plan for improvement. The Report will then be submitted to the Innovation Council for final assessment and ratification.

Step 5 – Feedback and Action Plan 

Further input will be provided by the Innovation Council, who has the authority to ratify and confer the accreditation award.  Upon successful achievement of the IKE Assured® Accredited status, you will receive the IKE Assured Certificate(s) together with the Award.  The IKE Assured Award lasts for 3 years with a monitoring of progress conducted annually. Successful participants of the accredited innovation programme will be admitted with Full Membership to the IKE Institute.

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MBDA Missile Systems

"Achieving the IKE Accreditation Award provided external recognition for all our employees that have been involved in the innovation programme. It enabled us to benchmark our content, processes and delivery. It also means that all successful participants on the innovation programme will be eligible for a full membership grade of the IKE Institute and will also be awarded the Certificate of Professionalism of Innovation Practice. This is brilliant news and a great honour for MBDA. 

EDF Energy Campus

“As part of our continuous improvement within Learning, Training and Development at EDF Energy, we wanted to strengthen the innovation skills developed within two of our Campus Training programmes (EDF Energy & Me! and the Structured Approach to Training – SAT) and assess the innovation skills and competencies that are being developed at different levels skills in people as a result of these programmes. We also wanted to highlight the value of developing creative problem-solving capability in our people.

The IKE Accreditation process was invaluable in providing us with a structure on how to build innovation skills within our programmes and achieve the desired business impact. The IKE Innovation Skills Development Framework (covered such categories as approach to innovation, creative thinking, developing a sustainable innovation culture, generating and implementing ideas, value creation).  A key by-product of the IKE Accreditation is the strengthening of employee engagement and the raising of people’s aspirations to achieve more by providing certification to our staff who have undertaken these accredited programmes. The recognition of our EDF Energy & Me! and SAT training programmes through the IKE Accreditation has helped us to underpin not only emerging talent development and quality enhancement initiatives in our business but also to benchmark our approach to innovation skills development much more broadly. The Innovation Institute’s team has shared with us their experiences on developing innovation skills and have provided examples of best practice within and outside our sector.

The External Validation by members of the Innovation Council has meant that we can now follow the action plan for improvement with confidence. We were thrilled to receive the IKE Accreditation Award at Innovisions 2014 by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change.” 

Plymouth University

“Plymouth University is very proud of its track record in the field of innovation. The entrepreneurial experience of the innovation centre managers, the focus and support for students and client businesses, particularly young entrepreneurs, the methods of engagement such as with business competitions and entrepreneurs-in-residence, and the levels of community engagement, with 16,000 visitors interacting with the centres have all been recognised with the IKE Accreditation.”
Bernard Curren, Director of Cornwall Innovation & Innovation Lead at Plymouth University

Highbury College

"In today's digitally evolving landscape, we needed to create a best practice for developing and sharing our creativity and innovation with staff, students, business and industry partners and the community. I am thrilled that our innovation capability is independently accredited by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange. It presents us with a further confirmation for our outstanding status and that we are heading in the right direction."
Principal of Highbury College, Stella Mbubaegbu CBE


"Thales in the UK recognised that innovation has to be treated as a discipline. It adopted the IKE Assured standard to ensure that all of its graduates on the Graduate Development Programme are equipped with the right innovation skills, competencies and tools to enable them to have the right mindset to create the cultural conditions for innovation to flourish. IKE Assured Accreditation Framework supports an organisation helps to prepare its next generation of innovators and embed the right skills, competencies and behaviours that help to drive an organisation’s strategic imperatives."
Katherine Reed Thales UK 

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